The Perfect Crypto Bear Market Solution Is Binance Smart Trading — Get 100%+ ROI With Tested Bots

11 min readJul 28, 2022
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Crypto bear markets always have a chilled vibe that can make trading very taxing.

And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re an experienced trader using complex trading strategies or a beginner who’s just getting his feet wet.

The truth is you will struggle getting psyched up and making a consistent income.

And that has everything to do with psychological obstacles like the inability to keep rational and calm in losing periods.

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Yet when it comes to trading, we want our portfolio to grow at the lowest risk possible regardless of the market cycle.

While there are no shortcuts to getting rich, there are definitely smart ways to go about it.

One approach that has worked for me is automated trading. This strategy has increased my trading consistency and performance during this bear market.

And the return on investment from my automated trades has outperformed most of the trades that I’ve executed manually.

Of course as a first timer venturing into crypto trading, the best advice is that you should to take a crash course that covers all the basics of cryptocurrency markets and the relevant chart analysis techniques.

This obviously will help you develop your own back tested strategies that will, in the long run, come in handy during trading in the spot or futures markets.

But as I have already mentioned, the trading hangover that we are currently experiencing is as a result of erratic human emotions and it doesn’t really matter how much of a pro one is.

If you can find a cost effective way to automate your trades, you’ll not only overcome psychological obstacles but also grow your crypto portfolio faster.

Right now Binance is the most suitable exchange for testing and automating trading strategies.

That’s because Binance supports nearly all trading bots that are currently available in the crypto…