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In this article, we’ll discuss the startling mass crypto-hacks targeting MetaMask users and how you can avoid becoming the next victim

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Nothing is as devastating as losing your life savings to a hacker, let alone if it happens on Metamask, a non custodial wallet, which essentially means if your bag is gone, it’s gone.

Hardly ever goes a day without a pleb’s Metamask getting hacked. The wallet gets cleaned out and…

Despite being relatively new, Binance backed stablecoin, BUSD, has seen incredible adoption that has fuelled growth in a short time. What’s more, the rollout of BUSD-Margined contracts on Binance has come as a relief for traders who have been yearning for a USDT alternative as a means to derisk their investment. Is time up for USDT?

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I recently participated in a poll on Reddit that asked people to vote for the USD backed stablecoin they prefer for trading, between BUSD and USDT.

The market doesn’t move on secret or overly complex tools, rather the opposite. The market moves these tools. In the mind of an experienced trader, the simplest technical analysis tools are the ones the majority of people see and that’s what price action is based upon

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In crypto trading, there are a ton of things you could be doing wrong. But the most common thing that prevents people from becoming successful crypto traders is taking the wrong approach in Technical Analysis.

Trading is not simple, but it can be, especially in crypto where TA seems to…

You simply deposit crypto and start earning interest or staking rewards. Welcome to the world of decentralized finance

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Things have changed so fast that you can now deposit crypto in an exchange and start earning interest or better still you can stake your coins in a wallet and generate rewards.

Crypto has simply plugged the gap that was created by the traditional banking system and in doing so…

A crypto loan could help clear your credit card, if you can run your numbers correctly

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If you have a nice stash of crypto, you could use it as collateral to pull a crypto loan at incredibly attractive rates and channel that money to paying down credit card debt.

☞But first, you need to find the right platform.

☞Most importantly, you have to do your math.

10 Pro Tips To Survive This Crypto Winter

The market correction that swept across the crypto market in May has taught us one thing: no amount of emotions can stop market cycles from playing out.

Corrections are bound to happen at some point, even in a parabolic run. …

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During the years I have been active in crypto, I have learned that diversification is the best way to survive in this market. Passive income is one area that excites, especially with the long term in mind. Actually, for some people the perks from passive income might be considered a decent pay package for a full time job! The space is still relatively young and who knows where it will be in 20 years? It wouldn’t hurt to try. Early adopters mostly win anyway. Let’s get on with it.

I have noted that people, especially those who are new to crypto, get bored really fast whenever Bitcoin’s price action gets sketchy.

I get it. No one likes trading in a range bound market because it’s not easy to turn profit.

However, other than trading and holding, there are passive…

Many of us have heard the term liquidity, but did you know it could be used to create entry and exit strategies? One of my favorite follows on Twitter recently posted a thread on how to interpret reversal and support areas using liquidity and many people loved it!

Liquidity is one of the most overlooked metric by crypto traders, yet it stands out as one of the most powerful indicators anyone can have in their toolset.

When applied correctly in market analysis, it could be an instant game changer in improving trading performance, even for newbies in the…

The market has been brutal since Bitcoin fell from $64,800 in mid-April 2021 to $31,100 in early June. Retail investors have panicked and there is a general fear that prices may fall some more before things get better. Even so, markets are made of cycles, and the bearish cycle is the best time to plan how to play next bull cycle

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The market correction that swept across the crypto market in May has created lot of confusion, especially among those who are relatively new to the space. For a while now, everyone has been incredibly pessimistic and by the look of things, this sentiment will continue for a while longer.



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